Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'The ultimate in imprecision, to draw a pretty picture and ask for its realization in musical terms - translation from one art to another   -  an exercise, a skill that has not been invented - like asking someone to jump out of the window and fly, a skill that has not been invented either.' 
'... communicate.. not only statistics but.. shades of meaning... expressive intentions from one person to another... although as in love letters, cannot be completely successful.'


Anonymous said...

let pluto hit at least 1

and then there is this story in which a man builds a machine which converts music sheets into dna sequences and generates a living form ,

and one unwritten one where all "persons' are songs in more ways than one .

Milann Tress John said...

Dear anonymous/ anon , writer of numerous poems through history
Thank you for sharing :)

I heard Pluto ring in, and all the chords chime in. I do understand what you allude to when you talk of people as songs.
Let me give you some context on this post, at the time of writing I had an idea, a story (if you would rather call it that) and was in search for the medium through which to express it. I was exhausted. It was proving to be impossible to keep all of its essences intact (and at the time, I wanted all!) in whichever medium I placed it in. Between one system and the other, the idea came out bedraggled. It, the idea, needed the perfect medium, and as is my usual routine, I tend to falter through many forms before I reach the most malleable material to work with, to actually getting out the tools and making it.
This is not a process I have adopted because of any theoretical/ideological/design beliefs, it is the natural process any of my ideas go through when in incubation, in fact, in my lowest moments I believe it to be a disease. Each idea has a unique waft and weave, and demands its own narrator. I am a film maker, but I do not pick up the camera as a solution to every expression. When much detail must not be revealed : I might resort to illustration with writing; When words are not proving to be enough, and I am watching the characters between moments : film can prove to be exactly the soft light which can still hold out some hope for the thought to come out; When I have to choose the music for a character running tearfully in a film I've just shot? A character I've just spent 5 months creating? : Even more painful. And what when explaining all of this to a collaborator? The essence of that fragile idea threatens to be quite completely snuffed out by all of the explanation required.
Hence, the 'shades of meaning' …'as in love letters, cannot be completely successful.' parts.

The process involved, is as daunting as its explanation up there. And at the time I wrote this, it was even more so.

Funny, you wrote this today, I just finished reading an essay by Camus, where I got stumped by how easily he wrote something in the end,… ' I know of only one revolution in art; it belongs to all ages, and consists of the exact adjustment of form to subject matter, of language to theme.'..