Wednesday, May 28, 2008

bottom to top

see like she could fit here?

ok i don't do this usually but this woman makes me want to do water colours all over what's stopping me?well I've not figured the right time to go about the kind of thing at my new abode yet...i mean,it has to be the right kind of light,i need a window...and possibly evening sunlight streaming through it for me to get started with anything..and of course no one around,some 4:30 pm kind of music,some aqua colours in the environment...
ok at least for the first time through the drill.....

about eva,i don't know what it is about her....i mean inspite of the aesthetically depressing template fashion photographs i've been able to lay my hands on,she's one of those characters reeking of a story.she'd fit.and i could write it.
and colours just fall on they've been dabbed into place,you get what i mean?
there's a presence here.

oh and look while i'm driveling on about her..i come across poor old Mallarmé complaining..."nulle enseigne ne vous régale du spectacle intérieur,car il n'est pas maintenant un peintre capable d'en donner une ombre triste."
....reading 'nowhere is there a chance to enjoy the spectacle of the inner world,for there is no painter today capable of showing even a poor shadow of it'..
Mallarmé needed to fall in love.good god.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


*artwork: blotch Incorporated.
JUST because i can't stand it anymore and all those passing by here absolutely need to hear the most uLtimAtely brilliant,get-you-brushing-while-you're-bathing music I've been gracing my ears with(all credit to the holyviper for introducing me to the particular),the latest being a track called 'Monday'.Who needs a high when you've got these guys blasting from your speakers!
you can hear it hEre,this is a fix called Glitchmob,the particular track being a remix by them of their fellow noisemaker Nalepa's track 'Flatlands'.
and if you like what you hear,here's the link to a track by Ooah called'Stomp the Yard'that got me vrooming through an endless edit some weeks back,watch out for the build up !

they call this sound futuristic crunk,laser bass,glitch hop.
ridiculously delicious set of words.


ok so i need a haircut see.
so we're sitting around the dinner table and i announce it,and we're discussing where i should go(i have really long hair.big issue).my dad says i should go to the place my mom goes to,you can trust them not to cut too much.i mom says if i don't trust her people i should go to the taj and get the damn things shorn.i think for a moment about why hotels feel it necessary to have hair salons,i mean,why would people want to also get their hair cut at the place they're staying at fleetingly?!dinner is over.i get back to my book.the protagonist gets a haircut at the hotel he's staying at.
good god.

a dipped davidoff


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

where home is..

i remember staring for H-O-U-R-S at this little piano and its pedals,through all the postings and through all its new locations in whatever we lived in and called home.i have played it,sung to an audience from it,pirouetted around its legs.
people don't realise how utterly lonely kids can

Friday, May 16, 2008


first threads into haruki murakami's 'dance dance dance'
ooh what a title.
possibly one of the reasons i held onto it during one of the many room packing sessions i have been fortunate to witness at NID.
i check to see the publication dates.1994.damn.14 years ago.and i'm getting to the title just now. great.the little voice in my head shrieks 'but you were twelve then!'
i was possibly supposed to read this 5 years ago,this one's probably going to go down nastily with my new glorified standards for meaningful writing.well done milann.
what do you do when you haven't even really started a book and you already feel sorry for it being lost on you.
at this point i simply must quote from Tom Robbins 'Still Life with Woodpecker', hold on,and read..
'....they glared at her the way any intelligent persons ought to glare when what they need is a smoke,a bit,a cup of coffee,a piece of a@#,or a good fast-paced story,and all they're getting is philosophy.'

ahem..,yea getting back to the book...
he talks about a 'malicious,no make that indifferent' bit of sunlight making its way into his bedroom.reminds me of the times i've spent in that orange room of mine in pune,staring at my limbs and thinking... one day i'll make a film about this.
about the way time had become tree sap.


i think the one curse of writing on a keyboard is the ease with which you can delete.
one of the attempts of posts hereon is to stop me from using the following words:
pre requisite

i am however allowed to resort to sounding out the exhaust with the alphabet


like so.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


To kick off this new found energy i've raked up from somewhere to share whatever i'm reading up on currently,here goes....
the first post obviously goes out as an ode to my self ordained research on Godard,though catching it like this mid action,one foot hovering in the air might make it a shaky start,but what the hell! I quote Fritz Lang,from 'Contempt'/'Le Mépris'(Godard,1963) 'You must always finish what you have started'.
yea so I've been catching myself haemorrhaging in glee at the simplest sentences again.......
I went through serge daney's essay on godard and godardian pedagogy,he's an old critic,been there when the pack was around writing for the cahiers du cinéma in '64..
here's the translation of it.

was completely or maybe partly disillusioned by the technical manner in which godard's films were broken down, hell,i was pissed off.mercenary.i mean,have a look at this little nugget i found from
'Nouvelle Vague' (Godard,1990)

look at the bloody skill,the subtlety with which those positives are made negative...the track throbbing forward with the waves,the repetition,the exquisite sound design. did you see the placement of the lamps in all the segments?for those of you who went through the article,if this form of film making is school ,then hell i'm loving school! and i believe if anything,the students of this school are encouraged,kicked offa their royal behinds to think,ask questions,get up and yell for what they feel for,goddammit,.. it's a save from the sink into the intellectual hogwash waiting around the corner.
and no .godard hasn't stopped questioning things either,the monotone voice is stating the questions because they've been run over so much,the only place the questions have is in a declarative sentence.
so in his assembly line analysis of the post '68 films where is daney speaking from,what's the pulpit?
or he just dry?

got me thinking of the fakirs and how they've possibly figured it all out..with their philosophy of marfat,I mean...of seeing the sameness in the differences,seeing the differences in the sameness and coming out of it knowing that these differences need to be maintained so things move in the cycle they're meant to move in.
why am i bringing up the fakirs when i'm talking about godard,coz it's all the same, see?