Monday, May 18, 2009

Just back from a visit to my design school,I'm quite done with the artists griping about that want for the outlet for expression,
you can draw? go out into the street and start that sketching for Chrissake!
you can shoot with that camera? don't think.don't waste tape. shoot exactly when inspiration strikes.nobody is watching. do something.
you can inspire people? find a platform. we need all the inspiration we can get. choose a cause. check its credibility.Be responsible about what you dispense.
Choose your medium,can everybody please start making themselves heard,please?!!

This is What I saw Today ,with Richard, he sketches in from the tube,from the street,from dinner,from all over the place..just sketching every day in..
Thank you Richard,for letting me put up your superb sketches up on my blog.