Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This is Beats Antique from Istanbul,Mochu shared this nugget with me awhile back,and I thought I'd put it up ,since it's on an infinite loop on my machine anyway..

I would actually download it from Youtube and upload it on Vimeo for the love of a better interface,but here it is till then.

The dancer travels with the troupe,and I think it's a superb way of emphasizing the bands draw between traditional music making and the digital appendages.
In fact,that's why I feel the video fits in well as well,not a bad job done at all,..
I especially love the interspersing of WW stock footage with the treated concert videos, this could be happening in a preservation jar in some biology lab with snakes from the other jars looking on or something..


Just thought I'd FIFO this article I came across, amongst other things I find his breaking down of life between lenses hilarious.
then I like orange.

Here's the article: Covering a Dust Storm: Tim Wimborne
an excerpt..
"..6). Multi-task. After making an initial file of 6 pictures, my morning included shooting more in the continuing red gale. I shot more as commuters started pouring into the city by road and foot, capturing television footage for my RTN colleagues, filing more, ducking back across the harbour to take my sick wife to the doctor, texting colleagues so we were both on the same page, dressing my son, packing his lunch, taking him to a friend’s house, eating breakfast, filing video footage and getting more pictures on the wire as the dust began to thin..."

Observation: Is it just me or does the Reuters logo look like a minimalist DoorDarshan logo(of the old watch-the-logo-form-fullscreen type from the 80s)!
Oh and for those who still can't listen to drum and bass from the last post,I've got the perfect track attached to get you to hear a ''golly rhythm''.
maths,it is.

Music Club by Chase & Status  
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02 Music Club.mp3 (8763 KB)

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Can't Get Enough by Chase & Status  
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01 Can't Get Enough.mp3 (8139 KB)

hello me hearties
something to charge your mornings up with
fooling with music and the visual,you'll know more about it in a bit.
but then you've heard a lot of my 'in a bit's
introducing drum and bass
create your entry points into watching my films
I'm shooting like a manic.

This is Chase & Status.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

We're kicking it off.
We went
and then we went again.
This a clip we cut while traveling,with the animation shot on the nice white washed wall outside our bathroom in Leh.
All fingers and nudges,but yea sometimes the best stuff comes on the go.
Shot on a wee little digicam we bummed offa a friend of mine from engineering.

There's a site
and then there's a reading.
You will be invited.

Welcome to Ladakh.