Friday, March 13, 2009

credit roll

for jitin for towering over me,ready to rap me on the knuckles if my cloud wandered too far out of sight
for jitin who made the cloud break out into rain
for isacco who reminded me what it felt like to take my socks off and feel the grass
for ankur who threw shoes at my cloud and made me laugh with him
for swaati for making me run into the sea
for divya who has always dug into the earth to make space for me to breathe
for priyanka who breaks out of her path every time unquestioningly to wander with me
for tanushri for clutching her life energies in her fist and holding it out to me on call
for tanushri for keeping dinner for me in case I did come in late
for unnati for making my worries hers
for arpit's wooden toy
for karthik for pushing me where it hurts and kicking my very best out
for akash who jumped onto the wagon and laughed with delight at the canvases i spread out.we were no strangers after all.
for amitabh for everything and for nothing
for sibi for leading an intrusion into an embrace
for harsha for keeping check on the good vibrations
for anupam for volunteering services from a hospital bed
for angshuman,because we're young and wild and free and still enjoying the search.
and then,with a quick hoist,I shot out into the sky after 72 hours of a shoot