Saturday, November 22, 2008

give me a person who has these two books,fills a questionnaire like just so and you know i'll be hooked to the text coming from this channel.
this is mike mills.

he even considers the strange phenomenon a couple of us here have been observing these days in our surroundings:people celebrating non communication.
i guess it feels better now.the universe ruminates with us apparently!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Refraction on a door.To and fro-III

Another friend chews on To and fro-II

'over time, we close more doors and focus on those which are most important to us, until the inevitable narrowing at the end'... 'the point is not to attach too much meaning to the form of the door'.... quite an intriguing revelation... and i was thinking the other way round...

if it can become "narrowing" there should be an alternate way of broadening also...towards..something..where u no more feel the existence of any doors..closed or open.... does the sky have any opening to enter? is all open...and contains the emptyness... within..or without..


I have the perfect reply in a CD somewhere,it's something about a fish.
till the evening though,this will have to do :)

i have to fight putting more of tomasz zarachowicz's work up...
the few water colours i've ever done have struck similar chords.
maybe seeing this up here,will make me put those up as well!

..The moon has nothing to be sad about,
Staring from her hood of bone.

She is used to this sort of thing.
Her blacks crackle and drag.
.. '
S. Plath

i trot through the French up there :..
'In the middle of the night,a solitary light is watchful..'

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

reflecting on a door.To and fro-II

'I was just thinking that our lives are a set of doors ..When you're young, all doors are potentially open. We try to identify our talents and interests, make educational and professional choices, find our ways into our emotional and sexual maturity — in this process we open some doors and close off others.
At some point, if we a bit lucky and a bit successful, we reach a place in our life where those choices are largely in place and we are doing what we wanted to do, with whomever we want to do it with. Over time, we close more doors and focus on those which are most important to us, until the inevitable narrowing at the end of...
Is there another way of looking @ this ?'

'I believe your door analogy could work.
but for me,i think what one starts with is very few doors.doors one
isnt really aware of.we realise their form as we grow when we've
blundered through life enough to realise that some have closed.
their not being open is what gives them a form.
the lack of the opening gives it a shape.
but you go on then and if you're lucky and start trusting your
instinct,sort of surrender to it,then you have the guts to knock on
doors you're not even sure exist.they take form because you believe
they do!
after a little more of walking you forget about doors,about opening or
shutting them,you're take what you will,there is nothing
that can be lost.the analogy of the doors is no longer
required.everything is permeable.
the point is not to attach too much meaning to the form of the door.'

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am reworking the structure of this blog.
give me a month.
or lesser!

em,and if anyone is wondering,that's belmondo on the ground.godard in the coat and glasses,facing us.last scene of 'A bout de souffle'.
notice:no crowd control.just Coutard and a camera.
I'd like to meet the guy who took this picture.How did he know I'd have liked to see this picture!?!lol..