Saturday, May 29, 2010

mumbaiya buddhist film making

In mumbai, we tend to formalise our dreams into little blocks of white wood. Because there are so many of us, and so little time, and there is so little money to fund individual thought. There are no grants here to delve into the ancient history of the door knobs in middle eastern india. When you choose to research,an article, an object, a person, you are on your own, .. till someone selling something finds it fitting their classified ad on tv,the internet or in a paper. There are no peope as guides. There is an invisible government.
Following a thought is quite like following the ways of the meditating on this 'thing' that nobody else can see, but in the course of flailing blindly through, you end up finding yourself charged with energy to go on living in a world whose newspapers read like the way they do these days.
Being a film maker, this drill of starting an idea off and then seeing it to its realisation has grown to be a habit..but then there are others, others around me who I have observed, passionate people, striving to join the dots and discovering every time that if in India, in this hopeful, buzzing country, where everything is possible if you just find out who the people are, when you finally see all the dots needed to get a thought from conception to its natural death, you find also that you will need to make those dots yourself. From scratch. And hope not to forget the whole picture in the meantime.


Jaya said...

:) thanks. from scratch. and ready.

Milann Tress John said...

come then. there are others scratching posts here, I've joined in for some sprouting here :